Sector 13 – Funen Art Academy Exit show 2013

SIGNE VAD - visual artist
Signe Vad was curator for the exit-show Sektor 13, at the Funen Art Academy 2013.Artists: Tuk Bredsdorff, Kristian B Johansson, Tom Kietz, Nenad Milcevic, Niels Pugholm, Clara Starck og Karen Marie Ørsted.
(see text about the project below)
  Sector 13 – the last manifestation before the Funen Art Academy’s Graduation Year 13 dissolves into units that flow out in their own direction to leave other traces.

As curator I became part of the progress towards the formation of a totality when the students invited me to collaborate on the graduation exhibition.

The result was not a harmonious, structured totality, but a deformed, composite, colourful one that launches the practice of each student into a common sphere and thus emerges as an extract of everything that has flowed into and out of these individuals.

The totality took the form of an urban structure, a sector, an area that arose from demarcated administrative divisions. This sector is populated by art. The students have moved their autonomous processes into the sector, with a grip that grabs at the boundaries of the institution and grasps possibilities. They have taken possession of the art hall and materialized the administrative demarcations that always lie implicitly in the occupation of an institution.

The last stand of such a collapse of boundaries involves the visitors, invites them on to the battlefield, the sector, the city that is the rallying place, the fusion, the result. The agglomeration of the years at the Academy, with time for impressions, exchanges and immersions.

Sector 13 – a field that arose from an encounter in a certain space, at a certain time. At the point of impact a materialization of unpredictable actions grew up, generated by the clash of a strangely assorted host.