There Is No More Dolls In The Closet Only A Respirator - >Top - Schiller palais, Berlin 2017

SIGNE VAD - visual artist
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There Is No More Dolls In The Closet Only A Respirator
Signe Vad
6 oktober - 12 november 2016

Opening and Performative lecture: 17th of June 2017 from 7pm
To see parts of the performance
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A Lecture and exhibition about Homo Carnôsa - a science fiction about the sufforcation of our blood and the softness of the stomach, about the air between us and the body's
building blocks. (duration 15-20 min)
The artworks an installation of mostly photographic works, about "Homo Carnosa", – 'Human of Flesh' –a project Signe Vad have been working on for years.
For the show at >top Schillerpalais There's No More Dolls In The Closet Only a Respirator, Signe expands the flesh theme with a new angle, this time it s combined with a performance,
the sci-fi story about the self-destruction of 'Homo Carnosa'.
*In the series Homo Carnōsa (Human of Flesh) the body is turned inside out and we find ourselves in the midst of the wet, red darkness of the abdominal cavity.

For millennia we have disciplined and restrained the unruly body, discipline being the hallmark of the civilised human being. Science, on the other hand, has scrutinised human anatomy in minute detail.
There is a third body, which cannot be contained by cultural taboos or scientific classification. The real body. The entirety that constitutes our being-in-the-world, namely: Homo Carnōsa anno 2017