Alt_Cph 10 - In Space, Copenhagen Alternative Art Fair 2010

SIGNE VAD - visual artist

(see text about the project below)


Alt_Cph 10 was subtitle, In Space, because we (curator Signe Vad and FFKD director Camilla Nørgård) opened up the hall, giving participants the opportunity to create their own space, “create themselves”, in the hall.
In addition, we gave the participants opportunity to work in the local community, with public space and/or relational projects.
The participants were selected through an open call, where they had applied with a project either to create in the hall or in the surrounding area, for the weekend of the fair in september 2010.

The participants were all non-profit, self-organized art spaces. The idea was to invite them to participate with their project together at Alt_Cph, in order to create another space for experimentation and network.

We choose to give the responsibility to the participants, to use their initiative to shape everything in all kinds of unimaginable ways. And then live with a less consistent and well structured outcome for Alt_Cph10.

The alternative and critical art remembers what the public forgets repress or ignore. It is the place where blind spots are visible, where overheard voices can be heard, and it is also the place where wounds can heal, and traumas can be overcome. It teaches us to rethink the current and shows us alternatives to the existing, it has short, the ability to imagine the world differently.”

Quoting a danish independent curator Tone O. Nielsen from her opening speak at Alt_Cph09